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A Lifetime of Dragons  

“And he lived Happily ever after.”

“But that's the end of the story!”

“No, it isn't, young man. How old are you anyway?”

“Six and three quarters.”

“Well then, that explains it, you've been beginning far too much. Tell you what. One of these days when you've had as many endings as me, then you can tell me the difference between an ending and a beginning. Until then, why don’t you let me tell the story my way.”.

(image is a stand in)


Coming soon(ish)

The Life and Limericks of Violet Toulain

A Good Dream

The clouds had been threatening rain since four o’clock on the day that Timothy Toulain buried the girl of his dreams.  He knew where he wanted to put her, the corner of the yard beside the magnolia bushes near her favorite tree, the spot had a lovely view of the fields gently sloping away and on clear days the watercolor blue mounds of the foothills and the lazy curve of the mountain snake’s tail. It wasn’t on any of the thoroughfares of adventure his kid and the changible dog had cut across other parts of the yard so she should get some peace. 

(image is a stand in)


Coming Soon(ish)

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