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Benjamin Glatt



“...So, they pretended, pretended if they buried themselves in the work that the inevitable wouldn’t come.  Pretended that their words would be immortal and that somehow, that would be a substitute for the person who wrote them.  Pretend that the world was kinder than it was and that miracles came when they were needed.  But most importantly, they pretended together.  For what else had their life been but two people pretending their world into being?

-From The Life and limericks of Violet Toulain: A Good Dream

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The Small Goddess and the War

He couldn't tell what car she drove, just that it was old and poorly maintained and that there was something a little off about the sound of the engine. On its roof was a bright sign that read Something Pizza; the first word was too faded to read properly. The car wove through the rubble as any car would have to do but he noticed that the light from the weak headlights didn't reflect off of any surface and that the car seemed to grow more solid as it approached. He should have been terrified. Strange lights and apparitions were the hallmarks of gods and monsters.  Neither were safe.  But Eliot in those days had had much of the flight shelled out of him.  So instead of hiding or fleeing, he just stood there.


Review of: "The Hard Way Through the Great Warehouse"

Fascinating, captivating, and engrossing.  The world of the warehouse is fresh and unique, full of amazing ideas, cleverly composed, and portrayed through eyes that have never known anywhere else, teasing out understanding and revelations from our Earthly perspective with intriguing descriptions and revelations.  Shova is a bold character strongly portraying her culture and dealing with the great struggles and choices of humanity; I loved watching her story unfold.  Her ambitions, desires, dreams, and fears make her achingly relatable, while the alienness of her life is exotic and compelling.   I was curious, I was on the edge of my seat, I was satisfied. 

5 stars.

Hannah Strand of Encouraging Arts 

Praise & Reviews

Review of: "Burning the Mona Lisa"

Simply Captivating. Before I knew what I was getting into, suddenly the world had ended, Earth was doomed, The human race was all but finished, but not the story. I was carried through each moment of contemplation and discovery like one of Simon Glassmen’s many ghost; witnessing his initial welcome of oblivion, then his shock, his questioning of survival, and on through to his revelation of purpose. Never have I read a more comprehensive juxtaposition of Human and Alien life. Such rich and compelling characters of both kinds, made real through use of language, environment, color, shape and feel. It reads like an award winning science fiction short film, with the wealth of detail only truly found on paper -or perhaps, canvas. 5 stars… All the stars…

Jon B. Woodin Musician and Composer

Review of: "Burning the Mona Lisa"

Glatt's Mona Lisa tells a story of the perserverance of the human spirit and using art to preserve (and rebuild) humanity. Set in an apocalyptic future, Mona Lisa centers around the story of Da Vinci's famous painting, how it's spoken to people throughout the ages and how it can continue to do so in a desperate situation. Though Glatt weaves in scenes on earth with worldbuilding in an alien civilization, the setting is secondary to the ideas in the story about how humans create meaning. His repetition of "once upon a time, on a planet called earth" is powerful, giving a common thread to people's individual stories and tying them into a greater project of the human experience. Overall, I highly recommend Mona Lisa: it's engaging, touching, and philosophical. It's a poignant reminder of the ability of stories to console, inspire, and bring out the best in humanity.

Daniel Kalla Teacher of Math and Languages

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About Benjamin Glatt

 Benjamin Glatt is a writer and teacher currently living in Toronto Canada.  He primarily writes Science Fiction and Fantasy though he also enjoys writing the occasional poem, musical, lyric, or speech.  He did most of his early creative work while he was meant to be paying attention to the real world and has rarely checked in since.

He hopes it is doing ok. 

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